Jerin L. Beasley realized his passion for fashion and art era. in doing so, Jerk cultivated and embraced his gift. He is a skilled artist and truly a force to be reckoned. Jerk's ideas are constantly changing andreinventing the face of art as we know it.


Jonathan W. Hamilton has been a rebel of normality in fashion for as long as he could talk. To Jon, fashion comes natural. Being normal and average has never been an option for Jon when referring to fashion. his impeccable eye has landed him gigs styling and designing internationally and for some of the most famous people. his talent for creating unique yet reliable garments has made him stand out among the rest.

















Brothers, Jerk and Jon are two remarkable talents that are equally committed to their passions. The revolution began in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina. Displaced and without clothes, Jerk and Jon used their creative minds to collaborate and create an exceptional brand. Once the duo realized how marketable their piece were they decided to begin production. As time progressed and their creativity grew, Jerk and Jon created one of kind skirts, dresses and trucker hats. By this time, clients had begun raving creating a greater buzz for their fashion. In the late 2007, Jerk and Jon entered into their first fashion show. After the success and overwhelming orders from their first show, Jerk and Jon were invited to headline over thirty fashion shows in 2008 - NBA All-Star Fashion Show, Essence Music Festival, 1st Friday New Orleans, Bayou Classic and more. In 2008, the Jerk and Jon line debuted in boutiques around New Orleans. Locals and tourists alike loved their unique balance of grime, infused with elements of high fashion. This made their pieces easy to wear, dressed up or down. Even though, they sold countless of originals, Jerk and Jon were not satisfied. In 2009, they decided to enroll in fashion classes to cultivate their raw talent. They learned textiles, marketing, styles and more. After taking classes, they visited Honduras and China to tour factories getting a more in depth look on mass production. Also, while in school and on their quest, Jon begin styling. Jon styled several major clients across the country. Jerk and Jon has proved their endurance by driving forward despite minor setbacks they may have came across. Once an unknown name, this dynamic duo, is soaring quickly to their place at the top.