Internationally renounced Jerk and Jon is an eclectic, luxury lifestyle brand that has redefined the face of fashion, celebrity wardrobe styling, furniture, interior design, mural and canvas art. Jerk and Jon, the brand was created from the visions of two uniquely different yet alike souls - Jerin "Jerk" Beasley and Jonathan "Jon" Hamilton. Their unique style and designs are exclusive and a sought after treasure by clients around the world. This movement of self-expression wrapped with creative energy changes the way you view art as a form.




The denim journey begins in Italy -- where it is imported in its raw form (white) to a domestic warehouse in Los Angeles. The denim goes through a process that makes it soft and reveals an immense amount of stretch for comfort. After being processed, the denim goes to the dye house. There, the denim goes through another process called base dying. This double-dye process creates depth that is exclusive to Jerk and Jon Denim. Once completed, we dye the denim in our secret Skitsophrenia wash. Then, the denim is shipped to the Jerk and Jon private art house. Furthering the Skitsophrenia process, skilled artists go through each pair and infuse the denim with vivid pigments. Different mediums of pigments are added to create depth and give the illusion of a 3D effect. Jerk and Jon uses very fine tools to hand paint ornate details and the latest in hand dying creating a cracked effect. Finally, once the art work on each pair is done, a special fusing technique is used to make this wearable art dry clean safe.

Jerk and Jon can be seen on celebrities such as: Jackie Jackson (Jackson 5, Grammy Award winner); Keri Hilson (Grammy nominated pop singer); Kyle Massey (Disney star and ABC’s Dancing with the Stars finalist); Jennifer Tapiero (TV personality and host for StarCAM); Jannik Olander (owner of Nialaya Jewelry); Ronique Marshall (of the hit BET reality show “Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is”); Elise Neal (Hollywood actress and Screen Actors Guild nominee); The Knux (Interscope Records recording artist); "Toya" Wright (of the hit BET reality show "Toya: A Family Affair"); Emily Jackson (sister-n-law of Michael Jackson); Kourtney Heart (JIVE recording artist); Jaqueline Fleming (Hollywood Jeff Award winning best actress); Jacob Latimore (Disney star and JIVE recording artist); and many more.